SQL Development

With more than 15 years of experience, we are specialists in handling all aspects of the design, creation, and developing SQL databases.

We work with the following types of commands within the Structured Query Language (SQL) in DBMS:

T-SQL or Transact SQL: is the query language specific to the Microsoft SQL Server. It can help to perform operations like retrieving the data from a single or multiple rows, inserting new rows. It is a procedural language that is used by the SQL Server.

DDL or Data Definition Language: used to design the database structure i.e.: creation database, creation and/or alter objects like : table, index, function, views, store procedure, and triggers.

DML or Data Manipulation Language: used to manipulate data in a database i.e.: insert, update and delete statements.

DQL or Data Query Language: used to query the data contained in schema objects, i.e.: select statements.

DCL or Data Control Language: allows users to retrieve and edit data held in databases, i.e.: Grant and revoke statements.

Data Analyses: Data migration, performing and creation of stored procedures, reports, data extraction into Excel list and SSRS reports according to the requests and issues received.

DBA (Database Administrator): performing backups and restores via SQL agent or DevOps, granting and revoking access, creation of SQL jobs, update and creation objects.

We are able to work with SSMS : SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and DevOps.